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Kashgar old city rebuilding of old housing principles and methods

    The transformation of the old city of Kashgar inhabitable houses has been the concern of state and government at all levels. Wenchuan after the earthquake, the transformation of dilapidated buildings old city of Kashgar more urgently important that all levels of government agenda.

    The Government has organized, including geology, water conservancy, construction, cultural relics and other multi-sectoral participation of experts to field trips, listen to all views; in the rebuilding of old housing program development process, with full respect for the views of local residents to ensure The original compound as a unit; taken from the demolition of the transformation of self help methods of public and government support to build infrastructure, help protect the historical and cultural characteristics, maintaining architectural landscape diversity, promote tourism development and economic prosperity. In the back and forth on the basis of field work, August 24, 2010, the State Department of Housing and Urban Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Land and eight other ministries jointly issued a document, formally approved the implementation of "inhabitable houses the old city of Kashgar City Comprehensive program of reconstruction projects. "

    Kashgar old city rebuilding of old housing in order to "improve the facilities, from outside to inside, the nearest building, the nearest settlement, while demolition side of construction, protection, " as the guiding principle, the old city rebuilding of old housing combined with the earthquake disaster prevention, And helping the poor and improving the livelihood of the people combined with the historical and cultural heritage and promote Uyghur combine long-term development planning and urban combined. Transformation of the way, take from the demolition of self, since the demolition of the structure of the main building systems, building systems integration and other demolition transformation methods, and give a different housing subsidies, involving residents can voluntarily take one of the ways to build meet the seismic requirements And has the characteristics of residential Uygur. In addition to relocation outside the dilapidated house demolition, was identified after the implementation of the repair, reinforcement or removal of the site, the nearest reconstruction, are given housing subsidies.


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