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Opinions concerning the protection of cultural heritage

1. Update on urban organic architecture

     UIA "Beijing Charter" (1999) pointed out: "Metabolism is the living environment of the objective laws of development, building and its environment through a single plan, design, construction, maintenance, protection, improvement, updating process. The building cycle co-ordination at all stages of planning, the district plan design, urban renovation, renewal and reconstruction into a dynamic among the endless loop system, in space and time factors, the continuously improve environmental quality, which is to achieve sustainable The key development strategy. "inhabitable houses the old city of Kashgar is to follow the transformation of such a principle. Transformation of the compound is still taken as a unit, "micro" type of transformation and renewal, it is because inherited historic district is an organic whole, to take from the split self, since the demolition of building and other forms of integration, but also about hope to the urban fabric and cultural characteristics in the process of transformation and renewal passed along.

2. Kashgar old city lies the transformation of dilapidated buildings livelihood construction

    Kashgar old town house renovation to remove the site, the nearest reconstruction, it is not "shaved head" type of removal of the old Urban Park, but not because of land developers involved in business development projects, will not cause urban landscape of the "homogenization "and" convergence "is in the new situation and characteristics of the environment, urban culture and cultural heritage to reproduce the return of the ideal city. In view of the living environment of local residents and can not guarantee the safety of life circumstances, to take the people's livelihood project. Transformation and renewal, while also taking into account the employment and livelihoods of local residents, and enhance self-development capacity of local residents.

3. Uygur architectural features of correct understanding

   Uyghur history and culture, traditional houses with distinctive characteristics. Uighur traditional houses by region, there may be a difference, but the basic form of similar, that is mostly detached homes, each compound by the house, yard, animal rings, debris piled up of four parts, covering large and small, usually about an acre of land.

    I think the old city of Kashgar in the initial start building, should also such forms. But with the population concentration, the increasingly tense living environment, and the old city residents are engaged in handicrafts subsistence, income was not good, can not re-purchase land for housing, only to region in their own courtyard crude, room with room, building access House, which is formed under certain conditions. If you do not consider from a historical point of view, but simply that this form is the art of architecture on behalf of Uyghur, Uyghur is actually a beautiful traditional architecture defamation.

4. The wishes of community residents is the old city rebuilding of old housing starting point and end point

    Cultural heritage and cultural resources are created by people, the people are the driving force for heritage protection, of course, should be the beneficiaries of protection of cultural heritage. Kashgar old town house renovation plan developed from the beginning to solicit the views of local residents, government staff in-depth visits to various communities, residents meetings held face to face with the residents to listen to residents views of the old city inhabitable houses and views 2 million copies issued twice questionnaire home residents, due to solicit public opinion, so dangerous and old "organic renewal" of the reform process has been supported by the residents, and in the tradition of urban fabric, construction aspects of national characteristics, so that the residents really played the role of main force.

    As June 2009 the UNESCO Beijing Office Heritage Project Officer Kabei Si, Du Xiaofan Commissioner pointed out the cultural heritage: the old city of Kashgar City, rebuilding of old housing project has a lot of experience worthy of promotion, such as the designated pilot areas, communication with local residents involved and transform the design, strengthening methods, etc., reflects the people-oriented spirit. To improve living conditions, protect the safety of the residents, the transformation in full compliance with the principles of international practice. Recommended by international organizations like UNESCO, co-convened an international conference to promote the Kashi 老城区改造 experience, sharing the results achieved. Protection and development, reform and the contradictions that exist between heritage still worthy of our in-depth reflection on practical work and exploration.


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