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Kashgar Old Town

    In a small residential high-slope, is a residential area, is also the base for many of the traditional artisan workshops - to produce a clay supplies, silk cloth to produce a traditional Aide Lai, there embroidery hat, do musical instruments, baking Nang, and a variety of craft from generation to generation in the popular breeds here.

Today, in this established residential area of ​​the main ticket entrance, near the ticket office is also the product of many stores and residential homes, selling a variety of crafts, and some earth walls of the house posted on the "Travel Route 1", " Travel Route 2, "" making earthenware Square "," point home visits, "and so the signs. Tour guides dressed in traditional costumes here and there led tourists to take photographs, buy souvenirs, the living space and tourism staggered to co-exist.

I am staying at hostel is located in the far distance, another piece of the Old Town area of ​​charge, called Gar Old Town. Around here, around the streets of Xinjiang's largest mosque - the Id Kah, stretched to. Where every street seems to have different "functions", the "process of a Street" Kumu on behalf of the Erwa Zha Road - along the road there have been coppersmith, blacksmith, carpenter and other work hammering sound; In addition there street food stalls filled with fruits and vegetables Bazaar Road, as well as gold and silver street, a street hat.

Along the main street of the house, almost all shops or artisan workshops, but in these the main trail, there is always extended to the fork deep, narrow lanes to go, and the traditional residential buildings as a civil camel spider web inside the shop at the start, and does not know the way people come into a bit get lost inside.

Walk the streets in the Old City neighborhood alleys or, it means that the Uighurs into the life of the local state. Along the way you can see them make a living, the manual production of a variety of household items - such as copper tools, metal containers, tools, rugs and blankets, wooden windows and wooden door frames and so on.

Vegetable market sells locally produced watermelon, melon, fig, and yellow carrots; are baked and sold the Nang and baked buns are locals eat every day; there are many tailors content for local people a tailored design of national costume or dress trendy; and almost every street can see that one or two dental clinics, said that because the locals prefer sweets, tooth decay is common.

In addition to the largest mosque outside the old city in this area, a small distance intervals, there will be a small, ancient mosques, the religious needs of residents in the vicinity with ease. Every Friday lunchtime, most of the streets will become very lonely, because the Muslim day of the week's most important large-scale mass prayer ceremony, the locals went to the mosque. Some of the smaller mosques not tolerate so many people, there will be a collection of believers to the temple to pray on the sidewalk outside.

Gar Old Town is indeed a dynamic style museum humanities, local culture, beliefs, aspects of life in the busy streets and shady alleys of unfolding, and the current controversy is the biggest large-scale renovation project that will let deterioration of local culture, or is disrupting the lives of local people and communication.

Recently there are many tourists that look authentic Kashgar to take the early, after the effect of economic zones along with the emergence of aspects of life here may have to sour. Some officials said the tourists not to satisfy curiosity mentality, and let the local to the "backward" go to the safety of residents, some are "dangerous," the old civil engineering need to be rebuilt, and for the provision of modern facilities to local residents, the argument, reasonable.

I met some locals, for the renovation of some of the objections to the Old City is not against development, but hope that the new plan to better integrate the local habits and traditions, such as the courtyard keep cool in the house, facilitate the establishment of neighborhood, with many public space, criss-crossing the lanes; and not pushed to live in the tower, or the sale of a shopping mall in the area are pushed.

Old Town is the core area of ​​the city of Kashgar, where the commercial complex area residents, in fact, a bit like the old hutong area in central Beijing, with the same, how to balance development and preservation of traditional culture controversy. Perhaps the country can learn from some of Europe's urban planning model - the core of the old city intact and local aspects of life, without changing the original premise of the maintenance, strengthening, renovation of old traditional buildings and streets, and in the periphery of the Old Town Development new city.

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