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Kashgar Old City Reconstruction: rebuilding the site as is the maintenance of civilization

    Reconstruction of Old City around the corner, the Government and the Uighur people face a common problem - the history of demolition and renovation must not allow the destruction of a history of civilization.

Kolb spit in front of a large mulberry family, more than 300 years old, bright sun, the stretch of the sparse foliage, cast a shade. "This is the ancestor of the trees planted during the Cultural Revolution has been used as evildoer, was burned before, still flourish today." Spit Kolb new house apart, it is inevitable sentimental. Each other and the two-dimensional blood Han ethnic, cultural similarities, the Uighurs have "Vicens and Azusa, will be respectful only" tradition.

Sentimentally attached to the old city spit Kolb Tsuchiya, earth building, earth Lane. He said, here's gaoya viscous layer in pure loess, Uighurs call it "color Gezi", it is very suitable for earthenware. So, spit Er Buzu living on the pottery craft, since the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi of his family settled in the roots, rolling. Kolb spit in teaching, but also an inherited ancestral pottery craft, from home furnishings like vases, to appear in court yard of the tank is placed clay. As old as the history of water tanks, their great-grandfather is said to burn, can accommodate 400 kg of water during dry year for the time or war, spit Kolb family will always fill the tank, as through the difficult years. Today, the earthen tank, already numerous cracks, no longer stand handling.

Kashgar Old Town is a precipitate of history. Neighborhood area in the Black Bashir has a spring scene, glances springs, arranged according to certain distance, each with a pool, pool similarities between the ditch again, and finally leads to the Old Town Spring is east of Tuman River. "Han" records, Captain of the Eastern Han Dynasty Shu Geng Gong Hun army in Kashgar city was trapped outside the city water supply was cut off, no water city Chuanjing fifth husband. Critical under the Genggong dressing attire, bow down to Heaven, pull out the sword, dig three feet, the spring water spewing out. Thus, Genggong command soldiers to spring from the city head downhill, the Huns know the city of water, that God help, to withdraw troops immediately fled. This is historic, "Shule Baiquan back the Huns," the story, since it shares springs known as the "Genggong well", the fountain there is a temple, also known as "Geng Gong Temple."

"Genggong general just lucky, today also have to charge water by drilling a half-day effort." Kolb said Turpan, Kashgar Old Town there is an ancient underground river, Genggong General has been able to dig the water sword, mainly because when over-exploitation of groundwater is not the year.

Today, nine stocks spring, four stocks dried up, and even the name has not been handed down, few locals say where "Genggong well," the origin, and only know that this well is called the "nine Longquan." October 22 at noon, Phoenix editor after "Genggong well" when there is no time when the waterfalls have been turning out the scene, the fountain installed on the tap, several Uighur women are water washing.

"Only a thorough transformation of the old town is good, can reproduce the light of day to these historical sites." Spit Kolb recalled that in recent decades, cultural relics protection department has not given up the protection of springs, first put up warning signs conservation, and later Also put up the fence, but as the population reproduction and life pressures increase, these measures are useless.

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