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Xinjiang, in the protection of cultural heritage to achieve innovation

    May Kashi bathed in spring sunshine, wind and rain experienced the baptism of 300 years of history, "Xiangfei Mu" in the shade under tall trees, quiet and pleasant. The tourists are attracted to happy to find that "Xiangfei Mu," the main building next to the ailing subsidiary of several buildings, repairs are being carried out quietly maintenance.

    Launched since 2009 "Silk Road (Xinjiang section) key cultural relics protection project rescue", but also since the founding of New China, Xinjiang, most investment in cultural construction, the largest and most extensive ruins of a large comprehensive conservation demonstration projects . Key cultural relics protection project leading group in Xinjiang Executive Office of Renliang Tao told reporters: State has invested over 350 million yuan, on the Silk Road in Xinjiang section of the 21 key cultural relics protection project to rescue protection.
Currently, there are already a number of key cultural relics protection project made progress rescue, in which protection of a grotto Bezeklik works project to protect Taiwan hidden tower site, Kizil Grottoes Security Project and many other projects have been completed; Jiaohegucheng flood control dam, flood control projects Bezeklik caves also passed inspection.

    In the just concluded national census field phase of the third survey of cultural relics in Xinjiang cultural relics discovered nearly 7000, Xinjiang cultural relics of the past more than twice the total, the figure behind the country strong financial support. This time, the Xinjiang Cultural Relics and workers in the lead in using GPS satellite positioning systems and satellite remote sensing for archeology, for the first time on the inaccessible snow-capped mountains, desert carried out an exhaustive scan, found only in the new heritage Loulan than 100.

    Mystery of the Silk Road civilization has been the focus of world attention as a "cultural ambassador", the Xinjiang Cultural Relics to go abroad every appearance of diversity and unity of Chinese culture is the best interpretation. March 28, "the mystery of the Silk Road - Xinjiang Cultural Relics Exhibition", Los Angeles, California in the United States Po Seoul Museum grand carried out.

    Some media said that the cultural relics exhibitions have no doubt the American people truly understand the history of Xinjiang, China, Xinjiang, China in Xinjiang ancient civilization and culture.

    Artifacts tell the history and civilization, cultural relic protection in Xinjiang Gengrang world see the Chinese culture and history of the attitude of the nation!

    Initial success and cultural quality strategy

    Outstanding national cultural heritage, but also to build a culture of quality today. In recent years, arts and culture in Xinjiang is a welcome gesture in to a new height.

    Large ethnic song and dance "sunny Xinjiang," in the Third National Ethnic Arts Festival, and took home 13 awards in one fell swoop. Musical "tip of the visitors," the "Red Classics" to re-interpretation, included in the National Fine Stage Arts primary repertoire. January 2009, after 4 years to build large-scale musical acrobatics show, "Hello, Avanti" formally staged, as of May 16 this year, a total of 100 games performance, the audience of 7 million people.

    May's "Spring Sky Mountain" variety show, is the new China was founded 60 years ago, especially the reform and opening up 30 years ago, Xinjiang performing arts showcase and review the overall results. During the show, almost every game was packed, and some plays even "hard to get a ticket."

Cultural resources is the province of Xinjiang, but not the province of cultural industries. Economic underdevelopment, not familiar with the operation of the cultural market, spend huge sums to build some excellent plays, only at the gates of scenery. How the resource advantages into industrial advantage is hard to solve the problem in Xinjiang intellectuals.

    Arts Festival of the machine by Xinjiang, Xinjiang intellectuals made a bold attempt. They brought in the national performance brokerage institution is responsible for 43 people, while organizing the show, "Xinjiang National Seminars stage art product" to culture and arts market testing the waters.

    From Fair to good news: eight fine would climb the national stage, big stage, "Maqam spring" will go to the world stage.

    Shenzhen is also good news came at the Fair: Urumqi, harvesting a large delegation of single - and from Zhejiang, Shenzhen, Beijing and other places of cultural enterprises signed 10 projects of intent, the total contracted investment of 1 billion.


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