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Three major challenges facing the National Tourism Quality Supervision called for regional cooperation between law enforcement

    11, the National Tourism Administration officials meeting here said that at present three major challenges facing the national tourism quality supervision. National tourism quality supervision from the representatives of law enforcement agencies jointly proposed rectification of the "three questions ", strengthening regional cooperation among law enforcement.

    Eighth meeting of the National Tourism Quality Supervision, 11, law enforcement cooperation was held in Haikou. Supervision and Management Division National Tourism Administration, tourism quality supervision and management, said Li Renzhi, director of the National Tourism Quality Supervision, enforcement and law enforcement ranks of Quality Supervision three challenges, first, the problem of breaching the tourism market order and not effectively solve the long-term; Second, Development approach to upgrade the industry challenge; third schedule and urgent tasks.

    Li Renzhi said that at present, "zero or negative fare","anchored contract"," forced consumption " has not been fundamentally three major governance issues, the market order has not been fundamentally improved. In order to achieve "five-second"period to contain and reverse the low-cost mode of operation, extensive development mode to change the target, tourism quality supervision law enforcement agencies, regulators and the need for adequate mental preparation.
It is reported that in 2010 the country received a total of 8,768 tourist complaints, closed 8571, for tourists and tourism operators to maintain the legitimate rights and interests and maintain the tourism market order and safeguard the reputation of the tourism industry played a role.

    National tourism quality supervision of law enforcement cooperation bodies came into being in 2004, 8 years, the collaborative body to address cross-regional tourism disputes and to reduce the cost of off-site travel rights disputes have made good effect.

    11, from the country's 31 provinces, autonomous regions and representatives of the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong, discussed and adopted the "National Tourism Quality Supervision, coordination of law enforcement body Constitution","Tourism Quality Supervision National Convention, law enforcement cooperation bodies, " released "National Tourism Quality Supervision Law Enforcement Collaboration Rectification of the body on the "three questions " Proposal "and" sea Declaration "agreed to strengthen inter-provincial exchanges and cooperation and establish an interactive mechanism for complaint handling travel and explore the market off-site inspection of law enforcement and the strengthening of the business tourism commission received Regulatory cooperation, the establishment of tourism and travel law enforcement information-sharing platform for real-time communication platform to strengthen interaction with the media, as well as territorial exchanges and personnel training.

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