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And Master Gold Beach: Xinjiangs Hawaii

    Generally referred to as "Golden Sands", and more lasting bonds with the sea. Located in the southwestern tip of Guangdong, Hailing Island of Yangjiang City, known to coastal scenic miles Silver Beach is a popular seaside resort; coastal city of Qingdao, Shandong prestigious Golden Beach, Golden Beach next year, Culture and Tourism Festival, has attracted United States, Canada , Japan, Korea, Malaysia and other countries in the tourism and trade investors, tourists, build a platform from Qingdao to the world. Xinjiang capital of Urumqi in the streets, "and the large golden sandy beaches of Hawaii in Xinjiang," the billboards leap into my eyes, I, a bit of shock, and even the feeling of fear and trepidation. Because, at present, Xinjiang province is farthest from the sea.

A few days later, we end line, Urumqi, Turpan interview, drive line in southern Xinjiang. Turpan is being built and due to the large county highway, cars go really no temper, bumpy and uncertain, "the washboard": looks very flat and take up very top. When asked the driver to go to the destination, the driver then said, do not know, because the road is not good to go. Starting from Turpan, 250 km away, take a full 6 hours. Arrived first in South County is known as Master County --- and gold beach, everything is shrouded in darkness.

I heard, and large beautiful golden sand beach: a tendency by the Tianshan, near Bosten Silk, rolling golden sand, and red butterfly valley, silver beach, Mingsha, cattle palate Bird Island, Snow Lake God, cloth Prairie Lake Heights, Jin Site Mountain Resort and so on, "Xinjiang in Hawaii," Fitch thus derived. Night in the Golden Sands, a seat styles of resorts, outlined in neon in the seven-color crystal clear; raised again and dance the night sky in the sound, simply repeating what look to, not far from the golden sandy beach on the square, people stepping on the You Yang dance music. Moonlight scattered on the meandering of the Tianshan Mountains, scattered in ripples of Bosten, the Gobi Desert fatigue bumps swaying, suddenly disappeared it demonstrated. If it were not hungry and the owner has arranged for a sumptuous fish dinner, I really want to marching Golden Beach, walking along the Bosten, the days of the Gobi Desert were all abandoned.

The next day catch the early Golden Beach, just showing reddish sky dawn side. Lift head and look, boundless expanse of blue water and the Bosten surface, the smoke curl. Nearby, a group of a group of wild ducks, mandarin ducks, swans and other waterfowl swim in the chase, fly; far, little white sail, Fisherman each answer, forming one form a wonderful picture. At this moment, I feel good, relaxed posture, as if proximity to Lake, Revisiting River, revel in the beauty of the tropical scenes being. If not the bulk of specialty Bosten suddenly out of the water the fish is simply to forget here in the Tianshan Mountains was actually a sea of ​​more than 1,000 meters above sea level the Great Lakes. Insight out the beauty of Golden Beach, also the United States in the vast Gobi Desert, the Wang Haomiao Bosten.

Bosten is the largest freshwater lake in Xinjiang. It is located in the central Tianshan Mountains in the Yanqi Basin, 1048 m above sea level, is open all River, fresh water river, yellow river, Wushi Tara River roads through the desert wilderness of the Silver Dragon, the snow melting glaciers in the Tianshan peaks into the lake . Beautiful Peacock River originates from here, crossed the famous Tiemenguan Shanai, moisture Korla fertile soil fertile oasis, and finally disappeared in the country's largest mobile desert Taklamakan desert. Yuanjiang sixties of last century and settled in the Bavarian Master Deputy Minister Sun Yunpei propaganda talk about this all, as if in telling the story of a beautiful but touching. Bosten the fish is very rich, especially rich here, the bulk of fish and pipefish, delicious exception, known for Xinjiang. Not only the tender, fat and more delicious, and the huge head in particular, is a few kilograms of small and large are more than ten kilograms, and even more. Since the lake was established in 1966, aquaculture farms, their own fish hatchery, stocking a large number of black carp, grass carp, bighead carps, but also drew from the Yangtze River and the Irtysh carp, crucian carp, bream, Wuchang fish, and five Black and dozens of species of fish, making fish more abundant here, as one of Xinjiang's major fishing base. Bosten the famous and great, but also in its last 3 years, 5 River Basin to the "big blood", so doing made the Tarim River split the land be "moist", about 800 square kilometers on both sides of the river are struggling in the wind Populus survived, and in the end --- Taitemahu River Formation about 200 square kilometers of the lake.

Water, a vivid interpretation of the story of the desert and oasis. Water must pass through the ancient Silk Road, the Han Dynasty thirty-six old haunt the country risk to be the country --- and the large county social and economic development, soaring wings. Today's and master who has learned to use the new vision, a high starting point of planning, construction Golden Beach, to build in Xinjiang, "Hawaii."

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