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Tianshan Heavenly Lake: A six together and build world-class fine country

Thought to lead the development, seeking sailing across. 2011, Tianshan Heavenly Lake Ming Si Road, Shun mechanism, grasp the project, expand the promotion, digging culture, the practical and, sailing up "tide," A Good and promote "leaps", to create the Tianshan Heavenly Lake Scenic Spot, "the national first-class world quality miracle. "

Ming Si Road, insist the target does not relax. Adhere to the "tourist-rich city," the basic principle around the "national class, world quality, miracle," the overall goal, according to "Six arrested," the work of the ideas, adhere to the "Paul King and enriching the people" principle, absolute grazing to achieve the main area. Through the "years of planning the project three years to complete," "the first year must complete three tasks, 60%", the Heavenly Lake into a tourism, leisure, vacation, entertainment for the whole of the country's major tourist destinations and national Cultural Tourism Industry Demonstration Garden, national-level demonstration zones, tourism comprehensive reform of the national experimental zone for tourism. Tianchi 2011 1.02 million tourists the main attractions visitors, up 10%, tourism revenue 763 million, up 20%, ticket sales 80 million yuan, an increase of 7%.

Cis mechanism, enhance the tourism brand image. By completing the area police station, police station and forest enterprise integration, Hopewell and the Heavenly Lake Heavenly Lake Scenic Spot management committee, the overall integration of the Western Regions Tourism Development Corporation of work to achieve a streamlined and efficient management mechanism, with competitive operating mechanisms, have to attract and mechanisms of intellectual talent to play. Strict accordance with the third system, 5A, scenic standards of civilization, constantly improve the management level, to complete pilot units to create the National Tourism Standardization and acceptance of work, striving to standardize services pilot units and national geological parks, complete the declaration of National Nature Reserve and increase the World Natural Heritage work to further enhance the brand image of Heavenly Lake Scenic Spot.
Grasp the project, strengthening the area across the development of hard power. Invested 1.1 billion yuan for the project area, implementation of the West Queen Mother of the mountain, pole hill - Ma Asan cable, the upgrade and ethnic customs park, scenic trails and enhance the transformation of the new, rebuilding the World Expo Museum of Xinjiang, the upgrade and Wong Chuk Village, Kazakhstan Khan enhance the transformation of the palace, scenic logo signs, scenic range of the station construction, electric power facilities and construction of new projects Baiyun Hill, New Heaven and Heavenly Lake Ecological Park Phase II construction companies and tourist distribution center Tianchi, Hainan silt governance continued construction projects. Heavenly Lake of Tianshan good demonstration of the national cultural tourism base display of Intangible Cultural Heritage Park, Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce on tourism and hotel clubs, and Xi Erdan City Food Co., Ltd. "Three of a center hall" and other investment projects, strengthening the area across Tianchi the development of hard power.

Extension promotions, adding scenic development vitality. Completed the preparation of the high level of "Heavenly Lake of Tianshan marketing planning", through the main source of Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta market, flat-language advertising, LED large screen, newspapers, magazines, etc. to focus on promotion, to run the Tianshan Heavenly Lake at its tenth activities such as ice and snow the wind plot, a good grasp of the Expo Center building in Xinjiang, started to implement the card system in Heavenly Lake scenic area, and further activation of the regional tourism market, improve the tourist number and tourism revenue received to expand the area influence.

Digging culture, promoting the development of tourism and cultural integration. Institute for Cultural Industries by Tianchi further mining, refining, culture-based Western Queen Tianchi culture, the real core competitiveness to create a wide range of tourism and cultural products, and gradually build "University R & D + production + marketing" as a model of tourism and cultural industrial system; do Tianchi Queen Mother declared national intangible cultural heritage and cultural work and the "Tianshan Tianchi gazetteer" publishing and promoting the development of tourism and cultural integration.

The practical and enhance the management level. Civilized area, civilized units, civilizations window, Youth Civilization, Civilization integrity business operators, tour guides competition, service stars, offices and other activities to create civilization as a carrier; with "Tianshan Heavenly Lake Scenic Area Protection and Management Regulations" basis; to create Excellent Sprint and the "love of the great motherland, Quality Home" theme of education as an opportunity to raise the overall level of management services area.


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